Diary of Events 2021

The following are the dates and details of specific events which have taken place or are planned for 2019. All Wednesday evening events take place at our club rooms at Hemlington Recreation Centre, Cass House Road, Hemlington, Middlesbrough.TS8 9QW
All Wednesdays, other than those listed here, are club "hands on" evenings.


Wed 23: GREAT NEWS!!! Barring further setbacks we intend to reopen on Wednesday 23rd June. We will be starting with caution with PPE and social distancing and probably a limited number initially until we see how it goes.CAN'T WAIT!!!
YES WE DID IT!!!Great to be back. Only 29 members tonight and no-one did any turning, just came to pay their subs, stock up on polishes abrsives etc and chat with their mates. But it's a good start. Hopefully we'll soon get back to normal.

PLEASE NOTE: Until we get back to normal i.e. a decent attendance and memebrs able and happy to sit shoulder to shoulder in the hall we will not be doing any demonstrations. All club nights will be standard "hands on" evenings until further notice.

Our members have been extremely busy duing the long lockdown period. Here are just a few of the items they have produced and posted on our club's Facebook page.

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