Diary of Events 2018

The following are the dates and details of specific events which have taken place or are planned for 2018. All Wednesday evening events take place at our club rooms at Hemlington Recreation Centre, Cass House Road, Hemlington, Middlesbrough.TS8 9QW
All Wednesdays, other than those listed here, are club "hands on" evenings.


January 2018

Wed 17: In house demo by club member Dennis Wake.

First demo of the year and what a cracker! Dennis produced a superb earring stand and gave lots of advice on safety and technique. He didn't quite finish but it only needed sanding and polishing. He finished it at home and brought it in to the next meeting.

February 2018

Wed 14: Guest Demonstrator Tony Kitchen. This will be Tony's first visit to our club.

Tony gave us a very interesting and informative demonstration on thread chasing. His display of minute threaded boxes was amazing.

March 2018

Wed 7: TONIGHT IS THE CLUB'S 20TH BIRTHDAY !!!! 20 years since the inaugural meeting to decide to found a woodturning club in Teesside.
Wed 21: In house demo with a difference by club member Nigel Coates. Nigel is asking for members to bring in unusual awkwardly shaped logs and he will pick a couple and see what he can do with them....now there's a brave man!!!.
What an excellent demo from Nigel tonight. He has a rare kack of producing an unusual bowl from an impossible piece of timber....and in one demo he did it not once but three times. Well done Nigel.

Wed 24: Club demonstration and craft stall at King's Academy, Coulby Newham.

April 2018

Wed 4: Club AGM followed by competition.

Wed 18: Club demo on finishing by David Muckle RPT.

David was taken ill today and our chairman Stan Lax volunteered at two hours notice to take his place.
Stan did a superb demonstration...he made an earring stand complete with storage box below, then after the coffee break he made a gavel and block.
One of our members suggested he change his name from Stan Lax to Stan Din.....very appropriate.

Well done, Stan. If this is what you can do with two hours notice we look forward to your next 'prepared' demo!!!

May 2018

Wed 16: Demonstration by Richard Kennedy RPT.This will be Richard's first visit to our club and we look forward to seeing someone new.
Richard gave us a very detailed and informative demonstration on hollow turning and colouring and finished with a smart candlestick. Thanks Richard, we look forward to seeing you again.

Sat 19: Club demo and craft stall at Gisborough Priory - Picnic in the Priory.

June 2018

Sat 9: Club demo and craft stall at Lacemakers Guild AGM, Eaglescliffe.

Wed 20: Demonstration by visiting turner Emma Cook, 'The Tiny Turner'. This will be Emma's first visit to our club.
Emma gave us a totally different demonstration tonight. She combined turning with basic carving to produce a superb cupcake then went on to turn a carver's mallet. A very interesting and informative demonstration.

July 2018

Wed 18: Demonstration by club member David Muckle RPT - Bowls and Platters.
David showed a number of techniques for bowl and platter turning and produced one of each during his demo.

Sat 21: Club demonstration and stall at Picton (N.Yorks) show.

Sat 28: Club demonstration and stall at Cleveland Show, Stewart Park, Middlesbrough.

Sun 29: Club demonstration and stall at Ingleby Barwick New School.

August 2018

Wed 15: Demonstration by club member Ian Robson.
Ian gave us an interesting demonstration on how to make a bud vase, and more importantly how to make realistic looking flowers to put in it.

Sun 26: Club demonstration and stall at Swainby Car Rally.

September 2018

Sun 9th: Club demonstration and stall at Guisborough Forest Walkway, Pinchinthorpe.

Sat 15: Club demonstration and stall at M'Bro Town Meal, Centre Square, Middlesbrough.

Sun 16: Club demonstration and stall at Great Smeaton (N Yorks) Show. (to be confirmed).

Wed 19: Demonstration by club member John Oldham, entitled Lathe Companions.

John gave a very informative and interesting demonstration of what he called 'lathe companions'. He didn't do any turning but showed how to make a Longworth chuck, how to sharpen tools with a sanding disc on the lathe and how to use a router on the lathe....a lot of skills which many club members were unaware of.

October 2018

Wed 17: Demonstration by club member Brian Haggath - bowl with two crossed orbital rings.

As is usually the case, Brian showed his penchant for glueing numerous pieces of timber together then turning the resultant block. This time he demonstrated a technique of cutting a block diagonally and inserting a slice of plywood then cutting it again and inserting a second slice. The resulting block was then turned into a bowl showing two crossed rings.

Wed 24: Bandsaw demonstration. We are buying a new bandsaw for the Club and Charlie Anderson, Charnwood rep., is delivering it for us and doing a demonstration on setting up and using it. This is something our newer members frequently ask for so we are doing it properly and getting the real expert to show us how.

Charlie gave us a very informative demonstration on all aspects of buying, setting up and using a bandsaw. We all learned a great deal, including our many members who have been using a bandsaw (sometimes incorrectly) for many years.
However, we had a change of plan during the demonstration and decided we wanted the larger model bandsaw rather than the one which was brought at our request.
Charlie was accompanied by Steve, proprietor of our local tool and machine supplier, Middlesbrough Tool Centre Ltd. Steve very generously agreed to take back the machine which was used for the demo and to deliver the bigger one to our club next week.
Who could ask for better service than that? Many thanks to both of them for a very useful and informative evening.

Wenesday 31: Club closed on request of the Centre management. It is Halloween night and the centre always hosts a huge party for the local children and it happens to fall on a Wednesday this year.

November 2018

Fri 16 to Sun 18: Harrogate Woo0dworking/Woodturning Show. Our club not involved but many of our members will be attending .

Wednesday 21: Demonstration by club member Randal Marr R.P.T.

Tonight Randal gave us another very interesting and informative demonstration, producing a wealth of small items using pieces of birch plywood glued together. This seems to be his speciality as he often brings pieces in to the club and tonight he had some superb examples on the table.
Unfortunately, as Randal is our No. 1 photographer for demos and our other one was sick, I have no images to show at the moment. I'll see if anyone else took any and try to add some later.

Wed 28: Competition night. We will be having a competition with two classes:- Novice - those who have been turning for no more than two years, and Craftsman - anyone who has been turning for more than two years.
Judging will by vote from all members present. The winning piece will not necessarily be the most professionally finished but will be the piece receiving the most votes.
Sheila Beeforth, widow of one of our founder members 'Big Bill' Beeforth, who sadly passed away earlier this year, has very generously donated a trophy in Bill's memory and she and her daughter Alison have kindly agreed to come along to present the trophy to the winner.

December 2018

Wed 19: Demonstration by club member David Muckle R.P.T.

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