Diary of Events 2017

The following are the dates and details of specific events which have taken place or are planned for 2017. All Wednesday evening events take place at our club rooms at Hemlington Recreation Centre, Cass House Road, Hemlington, Middlesbrough.TS8 9QW
All Wednesdays, other than those listed here, are club "hands on" evenings.


January 2017

Wed 4: Back in business. Club open for usual 'hands on' night.
Wed 18: Imprompu demo on fruit making.The demonstration will be shared between Stan Lax, David Muckle and Brian Haggath.
This turned out to be a very interesting and informative evening.
David started the demo by producing a banana using a microplane attachment on the lathe. He then turned a plum.
Stan then took over and produced an apple and then a pear, demonstrating various ways to hold the fruit on the lathe.
After a late coffee break Brian finished the evening by showing how to cut a banana on the bandsaw.

Stan's bowl of fruit on display.

Wed 25: Pen making demo in back room by club member Mike Nightingale, possibly assisted by Brian.
Mike gave a very good and informative pen making demonstration and even the experienced pen makers in the audience picked up a few tips.

Mike at work...definitely no assistance required!!!

February 2017

A few months ago he took the AWGB (Association of Woodturners' of Great Britain) training course and qualified as an official demonstrator. Last week he took the instructor's exmination and also passed that. Next stop R.P.T.??
I guess we are going to keep him pretty busy at our thriving club.

Wed 8: Back room demo - David Muckle R.P.T. - Finishing Techniques.
Wed 15: Main Hall demo - Stan Lax - mini hat turning.
Once again Stan gave us an interesting, informative and well delivered demonstration on how to turn a small hat.
As he had time to spare at the end he finished with a quick clever little bird.

Wed 22: Back Room demo - Brian Haggath - Onions and Mice.
This was a short simple demonstration, making a string of onions then a couple of mice. This demo was aimed at the beginners to give them something easy to try.
It must have been easy....I didn't make any mistakes !!!

March 2017

Wed 1: Back Room demo - John Basford - Decorating Elf tool.
John gave an interesting and informative demonstration on the use of the 'decorating elf' tool to embelish boxes and small bowls. Unfortunately no-one took any photographs. Sorry John.
Wed 8: Back Room demo - David Muckle R.P.T.- Sharpening.
Once again we relied on David to give a very informative demonstration. This is not the first time he has done this but it is a must for all the new members.
Wed 15: Main Hall demo - David Muckle R.P.T. - Vases and Hollowing.
As usual David gave an excellent and informative demonstration. If only everything was as easy as David makes it appear!!

David shows how easy it is.

April 2017

Wed 12: Back Room demo - Dennis Wake AWGB Instructor and Demonstrator. - Trinket Box with hinged lid.
Dennis produced a superb hinged lid egg shaped trinket box which was well worthy of a main hall demo. He showed why he has recently passed the AWGB instructor's and demonstrator's courses.

Dennis's Masterpiece.

Wed 19: A.G.M. plus in house demo after the coffee break.....Stan Lax will demonstrate thread chasing.
Stan finished off a busy evening with an excellent and interesting demonstration of thread chasing.

A selection of Stan's threaded boxes.


May 2017

Wed 17: Main Hall demo - Randal Marr R.P.T.- topic to be decided.

This turned out to be a very eventful evening and extremely difficult and frustrating one for Randal. As it was our first demo night at our new premises we struggled to get the cameras and lighting right to get enough light on the lathe andd still have a decent picture on the screen. So Randal was fighting a losing battle.
As if that was not enough , the fire alarm went off and we had to evacuaate the hall and the Fire Bridgade arrived. Fortunately it was a false alarm caused by an electrical fault in the alarm system.
In true professional fashion Randal pushed on and demonstrated some very difficult off centre turning techniques.
Thanks Randal for a valiant effort in very difficult circumstances. I'm sure many people would have given up and gone home.

Why turn an easy piece when you can make life so much more difficult???

A selection of Randal's off centre creations.

Sat 20: Club demo and craft stall at 'Picnic in the Priory', Guiborough Priory.

June 2017

Sat 10: Club demo and craft stall at Cleveland Lacemakers Guild. Eaglescliffe.
Wed 14: Demonstration by visiting turner Tony Wilson RPT. This will be our first external demonstration in our new premises. NOTE. This is the Second Wednesday, not the usual third Wednesday.
Tony's visit cancelled due to illness. A club demonstrator will be arranged for the normal third Wednsday.
Wed 21st: Club member Ian Robson has kindly offered to step in for the monthly demonstration.
Ian stood in at fairly short notice to fill the gap left by Tony Wilson's cancellation due to illness.
He gave a very well researched and informative demo discussing and demonstrating the merits of getting the proportions correct on his boxes, vases and bowls.

A selection of Ian's well proportioned vases.

July 2017

Sat 1: Club demo and craft stall at 'Middlesbrough Town Meal' Event, ( M'bro town centre, adjacent to MIMA).

Wed 5: A big night !! Demonstration by visiting New Zealand turner Dick Veitch R.P.T.
Dick lives in Auckland, New Zealand. I hope we are not paying expenses from there. Bishop Auckland we can cope with, but not Auckland N.Z.
Dick Veitch was on a world tour and arrived in this country just two days before this demonstration.
We were extremely lucky to be hosts to his first UK demonstration on this tour and honoured to welcome him as the first visiting demonstrator to our new premises.
We were promised a night to remember and we were not disappointed. He gave a superb demonstration of his 'Saturn' box which was featured in a recent edition of the American 'More Woodturning' on line magazine He made an extremely complicated and delicate off centre turning project look like child's play and left his audience lost for words with the complexity and skill in this project.
Thanks Dick for an excellent evening.

Dick's superb 'Saturn' boxes.

Sat 15: Club demonstration and craft stall at Picton Show.
Sat 22: Demonstration and craft stall at Cleveland Show, Stewart Park, Middlesbrough.
Sun 30: Demonstration and craft stall at 'Tees Made' event, Preston Park, Stockton.

August 2017

Wed 16th: In house demo by Brian Haggath - table lamp and use of long hole borer.
Brian showed how to use the long hole borer and turned the two parts of a table lamp and showed how to wire it......surprisingly without any real mistakes. !!!
He then handed over to David Otterson for the last 20 minutes, who gave a detailed description of the EU rules and regulations with regard to safety rules and stickers to allow lamps to be sold.

Sun 27: Demonstration and craft stall at Swainby Car Rally.

September 2017

Wed 6: 'Back room' mini demo by Brian Haggath - Mouse Door Stops.
For about 12 months members have been making a few small items from oak offcuts supplied by Robert "Mousey" Thompson of Kilburn, maker of the world renowned 'mouse' furniture.
The items are sold in the Mouseman's Visitor Centre at Kilburn and all proceeds go to the Help for Heroes charity.
With tongue firmly in cheek, Brian made a few of his own style mouse door stops, expecting a verbal 'clip round the ear' from Mr. Thompson. Surprisingly they proved a great hit and Brian was asked to make some more.
Having supplied about 50 and unable to supply them fast enough, Bob Marshall, the club member who is co-ordinating the supply of offcuts and distribution of the items, suggested to Brian that he do a club demo in the hope that other members will have a go.
As they are selling at 10 each !!!!! we only need 10 members to each make 10 doorstops and that's 1,000 for Help for Heroes. What could be easier??
So Brian did the demo and supplied 12 'starter' packs of ears, eyes and tails.
All the packs have been taken home so we now await the results.

N.B. To date (1st Nov) a total of about 130 doorstops have been produced. The price has been reduced but we are still producing a fair amount of money for Help for Heroes.

Sun 10: Demonstration and craft stall at Guisborough Forest Festival, Pinchinthorpe.

Wed 20th: In house demo by John Oldham - Harry Potter wands.

This demo was given by club member John Oldham, the clubs quartermaster. John demonstrated how he makes his Harry Potter wands with a battery operated led at the tip. This was one of the best presentations given at the club and showed what can be done with a little more thought than simply turning a wand with no features as many of us have done to date. It certainly kept everyone in their seats. John started off by chatting about how he came to produce this type of project and the pitfalls he suffered along the way. He then went on to describe how to form the open channel in the wand to take the electrics and how to guard against allowing the adhesive filling up the channel. John then turned the main shaft of the wand, demonstrating how to stop it vibrating whilst being turned to a small diameter and went on to turn all of the component parts. As each was turned he showed how it all fitted together and what to do if any of the joints were slightly not as close fitting as may have been wanted. All in all a really great technical presentation with many helpful hints along the way and John duly deserved the applause at the end. He also provided packs of all the electrical components needed to illuminate the wand. If you missed the demo, make sure you watch the dvd. It is well worth the time.
(Thanks to David Muckle for write up.)

October 2017

Wed 11th: Mini 'back room' demo by David Muckle - mushrooms.
This turned out to be more like a full house demo with a big appreciative audience.

Wed 18th: In house demo by Stan Lax.
As always, Stan gave a faultless confident demonstration to a packed audience. He produced a lidded bowl, having cored out the centre of the bowl to make a grain matching inset lid.
He gave lots of information and tips about the techniques and possible pitfalls and left everyone enthusiastic and keen to have a go.

November 2017

Wed 1st:Demonstration by visiting turner Andrew Hall, R.P.T..... NOTE DATE - 1ST WEDNESDAY, NOT USUAL 3RD WEDNSDAY.
Andrew is a regular and very welcome visitor to our club and we always expect something different and unusual from him. He didn't disappoint us.
As he is now into making banjos, guitars and ukeleles he showed us all the tricks and techniques of making a half size instrument then surprised us all by playing a couple of the full size guitars he had on show, accompanied by his assistant Allan Joicey playing the harmonica. They then played and sang their own song which they have prepared for the forthcoming Harrogate Show, where he will be selling the CD in aid of Help for Heroes and Blind Veterans Charities. What a way to finish a demonstration !!!
Well done Andrew and Allan and thanks for a brilliant evening.

December 2017

Wed 6th: In house demo by David Muckle R.P.T.... A Christmas Theme.
Yet another exellent demonstration from David. He produced a host of quick Christmas ideas that could be easily reproduced by the members, including a wooden stemmed wine glass, a tea light holder, a Christmas tree decoration, three different snowmen and a decoration made from a sea urchin shell. As usual, a varied and informative evening.

Wed 13: OPEN NIGHT. Usual hands on night but we will be open to the public from 7.00pm to 9.00pm, with finished pieces on show and items for sale.
Wed 27th:CLOSED FOR CHRISTMAS (Probably !!!)

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