Diary of Events 2016

The following are the dates and details of specific events which have taken place or are planned for 2016. All Wednesday evening events take place at our club rooms at Hemlington Hall Farm, Hemlington, Middlesbrough.
All Wednesdays, other than those listed here, are club "hands on" evenings.


Wed 13: We are putting in an extra full demonstration tonight. Club member John Oldham will be giving a tool sharpening demo. He will be using the two club jigs and possibly also a belt sharpening jig.
John gave us a very detailed and informative talk and demonstration using a wide range of sharpening wheels, jigs and techniques, leaving us all with a new determination to go home and do the job corectly.

John Oldham's sharp performance.

Wed 20: Demonstration by club member Dennis Wake.
Dennis gave us a fast, lively and informative demonstration, producing a matching egg cup and salt cellar on a smart recessed small tray. He finished his presentation by placing a number of 'soldiers' on the tray to dip into the egg, but in this case they were metal soldiers complete with rifles !!!!
Thanks Dennis for an enjoyable demo.

Dennis hard at work......

....... and the result of his labours...(note the 'soldiers' !!!!).

Wed 17: Demonstration by visiting turner Andy Rounthwaite RPT. (weather permitting). This will be Andy's second visit to our club and he will be making a hollow form.

Andy at work

Wed 16: Demonstration by club member Brian Haggath.
Brian did a multi-piece demo tonight consisting of a multi glass egg timer and a set of four egg cups all on a stand. There was a large audience of almost 60 members and most of them were still present at the end of the presentation ...always a good sign. However, the fact that we had locked the back door may have had something to do with that !!!

Brian hard at work.

The finished piece.

Wed 6: A.G.M. followed by a short demo by chairman Stan Lax.
Stan did an excellent one hour demo producing a superb twisted stem goblet and explained all the techniques along the way.

Stan's twisted stem goblet..

Wed 20: Demonstration by club member John Basford.
John gave us a totally different demonstration this evening . He demonstrated spindle work, cutting coves and beads in a piece of oak and then turned a bowl using nothing but a series of scrapers throughout the evening.

John Basford hard at work.

Wed 27: Back room demo. John Oldham will be routeing the blanks for Longworth Chucks.

Wed 4: Club member Bob Marshall brought in a box of oak off cuts - about 2" x 3" x 6" - kindly donated by Robert 'the mouseman' Thompson of Kilburn, with a request that members take some of the off cuts and produce items to be sold in aid of the charity 'Help for Heroes'. Below is a photograph of the first batch of items,( with some of the offcut blanks behind), produced by club members.
It is hoped to continue this project. Bob can supply any amount of the blanks so members are invited to spend an occasional couple of hours 'turning them' (forgive the pun) into saleable items for this charity.

Wed 18: Demonstration by club member Dennis Wake.

Dennis has recently qualified as a demonstrator under the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain training scheme. His demonstration of an emerging bowl was interesting and informative and well presented throughout, with confidence and great attention to detail. Well done Dennis.

Dennis Wake's excellent demonstration.

Sat 21: Club demonstration and stall at Guisborough Priory event - Picnic in the Priory"

Wed 1: Sale of the Century....Eric Hansell, the club's founder member and very long term committee member (and still attending until a few months ago), sadly passed away recently after a long illness and we were asked if we could help to clear his workshop. It was an Aladdin's cave so we decided to have a massive sale at the club. We managed to raise over 3,100 for his widow, and the possibility of a few more s still to come. Well done to all our club members for showing their respect to Eric in this way and making this such a successful evening.

Setting up the tables...................for the madhouse.

Sat 11: Club demonstration and stall at Cleveland Lacemakers Guild, Eaglescliffe.
Sat 18: Club demonstration and stand at Cheshire Home, Marske.(to be confirmed)
Wed 15: Demonstration by club member David Muckle RPT.
Our resident RPT member made a welcome return to demonstrating after a long period of inactivity whilst recovering from a major operation. Our members expected an excellent performance and of course he provided just that. David first produced a simple ogee shaped bowl for the beginners, then went on to turn a very attractive earring and ring stand, all before the coffee break. After the break he turned a winged bowl with lid and finial. He explained everything in great detail and showed his true professionalism when, with only ten minutes to go, he broke the finial. He didn't turn a hair, he simply threw it in the bin, put another piece of timber in the lathe and made another one at lighning speed and finished the whole project with a couple of minutes to spare. Well, that wasn't good enough, so he made a Harry Potter wand just to fill the time in and finished dead on the dot of 9 o'clock.....well. that's David !!! Thanks David for an excellent performance.

David hard at work.

The finished piece.

Sat/Sun 2/3: Club demonstration and stand at Appleton Whiske Scarecrow Festival.
Sat 16: Club demonstration and stall at Picton Show,North Yorks.
Wed 20: Demonstration by visiting turner Tony Wilson RPT.
Tony is a regular and very popular visitor to our club and always gives a great demonstration. Tony usually does three projects in one evening's demonstration but tonight he surprised us by doing only one. However that one project was enormous and would have taken most of us a fortnight, not a mere 2 1/2 hours. He produced a mushroom stool from two huge blanks and as always gave a running comentary of everything he was doing and why he was doing it. As expected, another excellent demonstration.

Tony with the big stuff.

The finished piece..

Sat 23: Club demonstration and stand at Cleveland Show, Stewart Park, Middlesbrough.
Wed 17: Demonstration by club member Nigel Coates.
We were treated to an excellent demonstration this evening by Nigel. He had a display of superb Lazy Susan bowls and platters and he made one for his demonstration. This had never been seen at the club before and everyone was intrigued by his detailed explanation and demonstration of how to fit and completely hide the Lazy Susan. After all our years of monthly demos it is not easy to find a completely new topic but Nigel certainly succeeded tonight.

This is how you do it.

Nigel's exhibit table.

Sun 28: Club demonstration and stand at Swainby Classic Car Rally.
Sat 10: Club demonstration and stand at Middlesbrough Town Meal, Middlesbrough Centre.
Sun 11: Club demonstration and stand at Guisborough Forest Festival.
Sun 17: Demonstration and stand at Summerfield Countryside Centre, Hartlepool. (Dennis Wake only)
Wed 21: Demonstration by club member Randal Marr R.P.T.
This evening Randal produced four totally different objects, namely a wine bottle stopper, an off centre candlestick, a bird and a Christmas decoration. They were all fairly straightforward items which could be tried by our members at home, and he demonstrated a totally different way to turn the off centre candestick.
Everyone enjoyed the demonstration and learned something new and no doubt there will be a number of copies on our exhibition table next week.

Randal's superb demonstration.


Wed 19: Demonstration by club member Dick Simpson. This will be Dick's first 'full house' demo but if his small back room demo is a taster then we are in for a good night.
Dick did an excellent demonstration tonight. He made a marmalade jar - turned the base and lid to fit a glass jar - then had an intriguing way to turn the spoon. Once again he produced something out of the ordinary which we hadn't seen before.

Dick's finished marmalade jar and spoon.


Wed 16: Demonstration by club member Brian Haggath - Open Segment Bowl.
This evening Brian demonstrated the technique of building and turning an open segment bowl.
All went well until 15 minutes before the end when one of the segments came out during the internal turning.... Well, it wouldn't be a Brian demo unless something went wrong. He switched to an emergency spare which he had prepared, finished the demo with that one, then completed them both at home in time to put on show the following week.

The two finished bowls. (completed at home)

Nothing else planned yet. With the prospect of moving out soon and possibly a few weeks in limbo we are planning things week by week.

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