Diary of Events 2015

The following are the dates and details of specific events which have taken place or are planned for 2015. All Wednesday evening events take place at our club rooms at Hemlington Hall Farm, Hemlington, Middlesbrough.
All Wednesdays, other than those listed here, are club "hands on" evenings.


Wed 7: Club open for usual hands on night.
Wed 21: Demonstration by club member Randal Marr RPT.
After so many years of monthly demonstrations it is difficult to find something we have not seen before, but Randal found it tonight. After a short demonstration on long hole boring, he spent most of the session intriguing us with the ancient art of 'ring turning' i.e. turning a ring and cutting grooves to form the profile of an animal when cut into slices. After turning a totally unrecognisable and uninspiring ring he then cut off a few slices to reveal a handful of perfect hedgehogs. Brilliant stuff.

Keep a safe distance, Randal!!

Turning the ring.......

.......now, dare I cut it into slices??

Wed 18: Demonstration by Andy Rounthwaite RPT.(weather permitting). This will be Andy's first visit to our club.
Andy produced a bowl in sweet chestnut with a black band round the inside. He gave a very informative demonstration with a wealth of detailed information for the more inexperienced members. Thanks Andy for an interesting demonstration.

Andy at work.......

.......and the finished article.

Wed 11: Mini demo by David Muckle in the back room
David had intended turning a three cornered bowl from a cube, but on the night he was unable to stand for the demo so John Basford kindly (and bravely) offered to stand in for him.... a rather daunting task when under the close scrutiny of the master. Unfortunately Murphy's Law kicked in again and John probably created a first by producing a TWO cornered bowl. Well done John for standing in at five minutes notice.

John Basford being "supervised" by David Muckle

Wed 18: Demonstration by Margaret Garrard RPT.
This was Margaret's fourth visit to our club in 8 years or so and we expected something exceptional......and we were not disappointed. She turned a small thin bowl then decorated it using an airbrush, then pierced the bowl below the picture. The result was a superb picture of a hurricane aircraft flying through the clouds. This was a short lesson in superb woodturning and a masterclass in artistic ingenuity.

Margaret Garrard....Woodturner and Artist.!!!

The (almost) finished masterpiece....
....no time to finish piercing.

Wed 1: A.G.M. followed by demonstration by Stan Lax.
After a disappointing attendance for the AGM, those who did attend were treated to an excellent short demonstration by our chairman Stan Lax.
He made what he called a clover leaf bowl i.e. three bowls within one bowl.

Stan at work (note the blood on no. 3 !!!)

The finished bowl.

Wed 15: Demonstration by Andrew Hall RPT.

This was Andrew's fifth visit to our club over the last ten years or so and again he didn't disappoint us. He first produced a textured and decorated Roman style bowl then went on to turn a miniature version of one of his 'trademark' hats.

..."and a little something I produced earlier".

Wed 29: Club Bring and Buy night.

Wed. 13: Back room demonstration by club member Dick Simpson. He will be making his heart shaped box as described in the recent 'Turning Point'. Dick gave an excellent and interesting demonstration, producing a miniature heart shaped box with a perfectly fitting lid and an almost invisible joint between the two halves. Thanks Dick.

From this.....................................................to this ....................................................to this.

and a larger one....who pinched the chocolates?

Sat 16: Club demonstration and craft stall at Guisborough Priory.
We had a good sunny day for our first public demonstration of the year, with a varied selection of goods on show.
All went well until an extra strong gust of wind snapped a roof strut on the gazebo and Stan had to hold it up with a sweeping brush whilst we quickly cleared the tables.
I always knew we'd eventually find a use for Stan!!!

Stan finds his true vocation !!!

Wed 20: Demonstration by Peter Osborn RPT.
Peter gave us something different tonight when he fitted a yew stem to a wine glass. That's another good idea for our members to try.

The yew stemmed wine glass.

Sat 13: Club demonstration and craft stall at Eaglescliffe Lacemakers' Guild.
Sat 13: Club demonstration and craft stall at Cheshire Home, Marske. (Two demos in one day !!)
Wed 17: Visit by representative(s) of Robert Sorby.
Chris Pouncey gave us a very interesting demonstration of some of the more unusual tools available from Sorby and he had a good selection for sale.

Pay close attention ......................... to detail ............... if you want .......................... a finish like this.

Sat 5: Club demonstration and craft stall at Preston Park, Eaglescliffe.

Another busy demonstrating day....

...but these photos were taken before it opened!!.

Wed 15: Demonstration by David Lowe RPT.
Once again David delighted us with a superb lidded bowl with finial. He then finished the demo by demonstrating a product called Buff It to produce an outstanding tea light holder. Another excellent evening.

David Lowe at work on his lidded bowl....

...and his tea light holder.

Wed 19: Demonstration by Tony Wilson RPT.
As always, Tony gave us a superb, interesting and fast flowing demonstration.

Tony Wilson hard at work.....

.....and the pedestal bowl ready for sanding.

Sun 6: Club demonstration and craft stall at Guisborough Forest Festival.
Wed 9: Annual club competition, kindly and generously sponsored this year by club member John Burdett.
We had a superb number of entries for the competition and the quality of work surpassed all expectations.
For details and photographs see Competitions page.
Wed 16: Demonstration by Gerry Marlow RPT.
Gerry has now made five visits to our club and has not disappointed on each visit. This demo saw him start off by metal spinning a 5 inch disc of aluminium into a bowl which he later turned a base and rim for and then went on to produce a candle cup holder from another piece of aluminium. That being done he then turned a total of three off centre candle sticks, one of which he donated as a raffle prize and then together with the aluminium bowl, donated those articles to the club. All in all another excellent demo from a quality professional turner.

Gerry Marlow working on his many projects.....

.....and one of his finished candlesticks.

Wed 21: Demonstration by Sue Harker RPT.

As usual, Sue entertained us with another new project, this time an off centre turned candlestick, superbly described and executed. Thanks Sue.

Sue at work.

Sue's exhibit table.

Wed 18: Demonstration by Mick Hanbury RPT. Mick has visited us a number of times and we look forward to another interesting and informative evening.
Once again Mick gave a stunning demonstration of his artistic abilities. The roses on his black painted bowl were extremely realistic and his method of producing them by blowing a fine stream of air onto a blob of paint was truly amazing.

I hope this works............................................................................................................................YES!! I've done it!!!.

Another one of Mick's masterpieces.

Fri/Sat/Sun 20/21/22: Harrogate Woodworking Show. We do not organise a visit to this show but a lot of our members will pay a visit.
Wed 16: Demonstration by club chairman, Stan Lax. During the winter months we try to organise "in house" demonstrations and Stan is first in the hot seat this year. He will be making a candle snuffer and an off centre bowl.
As expected, Stan did an excellent demo, giving us two for the price of one (for free actually!!!). He demonstrated the art of the skew chisel with a very finely turned candle snuffer, then after the coffee break he produced a small bowl with a lovely clover leaf pattern.

Stan at work

The finished bowl.

Wed 30: By popular request, the club will be open tonight.

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