Diary of Events 2014

The following are the dates and details of specific events which have taken place or are planned for 2014. All Wednesday evening events take place at our club rooms at Hemlington Hall Farm, Hemlington, Middlesbrough.
All Wednesdays, other than those listed here, are club "hands on" evenings.


January 2014
Wed 1:Club closed.
Wed 8:Back in business. Club open for usual 'hands on' night.
Wed 15:In house Demonstration by club chairman Stan Lax.
Another excellent demonstration by Stan, this time on split turning. Two in consective months - well done Stan.

Stan's split turnings

February 2014
Wed 12:Mini demo in the back room by club member Nigel Coates.
Nigel did an ecxellent short demo, making a "rocking" bowl, the rocking action being created on the curved wings of the bowl as can be seen on the bench behind him in the photograph.

Nigel's rocking bowl.

Wed 19:In house demonstration by club treasurer Brian Haggath.
If something is going to go wrong it is guaranteed to go wrong in front of a crowd and Brian proved this during his two tier bowl demonstration. However, he got there in the end, and at least his problems gave the audience a few chuckles - and maybe made them realise that demonstrating in front of an audience of turners is not as easy as it looks.
Photos will hopefully follow shortly, but I'll be selective in what I show!!!

Brian at work (before things went wrong !!!).

The finished bowl.

March 2014
Wed 12:Mini demo by Robin Laycock in the back room - lace bobbins.
Wed 19:In house demonstration by club professional David Muckle RPT.
Due to illness, David was unable to do this demo and Andrew Hall RPT kindly stood in for him at short notice.
Andrew did an excellent demo using paint sprays and stencils. Many thanks Andrew for filling the gap.

Andrew at work.....and some of his exhibits..

April 2014
Wed 2: A.G.M. followed by a short demo by club professional David Muckle.

David making light work of his demo.

Wed 16:Alex Stewart, (The Time and Pen Company), will be visiting again with his stock of clocks and pens etc.
Also, club member Alan Rayner will do a pen wizard demo in the back room on this evening.
Wed 23:Annual Social Evening at Middlesbrough Municipal Golf Centre. The club premises will be closed on this evening.
Social Evening cancelled due to lack of support. The club will now be open as usual.

May 2014
Wed 14: Mini demo in the back room by club member Randal Marr RPT.- plywood pots.
Thanks Randal for a very interesting short demo. The back room was packed to capacity.

Randal at work.

Some of his exhibited pieces.

Sat 17:Club demonstration and craft stall at Guisborough Priory.
Wed 21:Guest demonstrator Guy Ravine RPT. Guy is the Chairman of the Register of Professional Turners and it will be his first visit to our club.

Guy Ravine and his display of work.

Wed 30:Bring and Buy Sale- a different slant on our old auction night. Members will be invited to bring in any items they wish to sell, but instead of being auctioned the items will be set up on tables around the hall with the vendor's name and anyone wishing to buy will negotiate with the individual. This should be quicker and more efficient than an auction and there will be no pressure on the club treasurer - i.e. me !!!

June 2014
Wed 11:(Day).A new venture for us today - We will be running a full day training for a group of teenagers from Fairbridge Prince's Trust, hoping to teach them the basics of woodturning.
This was a very worthwhile day, enjoyed by everyone. Each pupil went home with a garden dibber, a mushroom and a small bowl.
Wed 11:(Evening). Mini demo in back room by Brian Haggath - bowl saver.
Sat 14:Club demonstration and craft stall at Eaglescliffe Lacemakers Guild.
Wed 18:Tonight our visiting demonstrator is David Lowe RPT. David impressed us last year with his zipped vase and we look forward to another imaginative demonstration.......
.......and we were not disappointed.!! David produced not one but three novel pieces tonight, all very intriguing and fairly easy to copy.
The fact that the hall was packed at the start of his demo and still packed when he finished is testimony to his popularity.Thanks David for a superb evening.

David Lowe at work......

...and the result of his labours.

Sat 21:Club demonstration and craft stall at Cheshire Home, Marske.

July 2014
Wed 2: Sharpening demonstration in the back room by David Muckle.

David could do with a higher bench.

Sun 6: Club demonstration and craft stall at Preston Park, Eaglescliffe.

Preston Park Demonstration.

Wed 9: Demonstration in the back room by John Basford - "Decorating Elf".
Wed 16 Mick Hanbury RPT will be our guest demonstrator again this month.
Once again a large audience appreciated a superb demonstration by Mick as he produced a wafer thin goblet with a perforated rim.

Mick Hanbury's superb demonstration.

Some of Mick's work.

Wed 23: Demonstration/talk in the back room by Stan Lax and Brian Haggath on Chucks and Holding Devices.

Stan and Brian's Double Act.

Sat 26: Club demonstration and craft stall at Cleveland Show, Stewart Park, Middlesbrough.

Hard at work at Cleveland Show.

August 2014

Sat 2/9/16/23:Demonstration and craft stall at Preston Park Museum. Following our popularity at last month's event we have been asked to attend every Saturday in August (except 30th which we can't do)
Wed 20:Another visit by the ever popular Tony Wilson RPT. Tony is a regular visitor to our club and we can look forward to an informative and entertaining evening.
As expected, Tony kept a packed hall entertained for 2 1/2 hours. We even got a lesson in wood butchery when he came across a large nail embedded in the middle of his blank. Thanks Tony for another superb evening.

Tony hard at work..........

........until he fell asleep !!!!

Sun 24: Club demonstration and craft stall at Swainby Car Rally.
Wed 27:Following our success with the Princes Trust training day in June, we have been asked to do another all day session today. This time nine club members will attend as instructors so the youths will have one to one instruction.
Sat 30: Club demonstration and craft stall at Bilsdale show, North Yorkshire.

September 2014
Sat 13:Club demonstration and craft stall at "Middlesbrough Town Meal" event, Centre Square, Middlesbrough. Hopefully this year we will not have our GNAAS collection box stolen.
Sun 14:Club demonstration and craft stall at Guisborough Forest Festival, Pinchinthorpe.
Wed 17:Demonstration by professional turner Gerry Marlow RPT. Gerry did a full day demonstration for us just over two years ago.
As we expected, Gerry gave us another very interesting demonstration, producing a superb Christmas tree decoration, whilst demonstrating numerous techniqes, including hollowing, colouring, lime waxing, index slotting and buffing wheel polishing.

Gerry Marlow producing his masterpiece.

Sat 20: Club demonstration and craft stall at Summerhill Countryside Centre, Hartlepool.
Sun 21:Demonstration and craft stall at Dorman's Club, Oxford Road, Middlesbrough.

Another busy weekend.

Wed 24: Back room demo by David Muckle RPT - Introduction to Spiral Work.

David's Spiral Goblet.

Sat 27: Demonstration and craft stall at Guisborough Church Hall, Bow Street, Guisborugh.

October 2014
Sat 11:Demonstration and craft stall at Cheshire Home, Marske.
Wed 15:Demonstration by another of our regular visitors, Sue Harker RPT.
As usual, Sue entertained us with another new project in the form of a Christmas decoration superbly described and executed. Thanks Sue.

Sue at work.

It doesn't look that funny !!!.

Sun 26:Visit to Tony Wilson's workshop at Thorn.

November 2014
Sun 9:This month David, our PR man, has really hit the jackpot. We have a full day demonstration by the internationally famous Greek turner, Nikos Siragas RPT from Crete.
Hopefully we are not paying 45p per mile travelling expenses from Crete - he is in Newcastle the previous day and David has managed to take advantage of his visit to the North east.
This will be a day not to be missed.

Nikos Siragas in his workshop in Crete.

This was an excellent day with a brilliant turn out of 61 people (including 6 members of Wear Valley Club). Nikos brought along some superb turned/carved exhibition pieces, three of which he reproduced during his demonstration.
He showed us a number of new techniques and demonstrated to us that with a little imagination and a lot of patience a simple bowl or vase can be turned into a beautiful and unique masterpiece.
Thanks Nikos for a superb day.

Nikos hard at work.

His masterpieces on display.

Wed 19: Demonstration by club member Dennis Wake - segmented turning.
Dennis gave an excellent and impressive demonstration on closed segment work using a variety of jigs and holding devices. Thanks Dennis for an interesting evening.

Dennis with his jigs and gadgets.

His display of finished pieces.

December 2014
Wed 17:Demonstrations by club members David Muckle RPT and Brian Haggath PVS ( Progressing Very Slowly!!)
The members got two demos for the price of one tonight. David showed them how it SHOULD be done by making a superb heart shaped bowl in next to no time.

David the professional.

After coffee break Brian demonstrated how NOT to do it when he made a 9" x 4" bowl from a 1" thick blank.

Brian the amateur.......

.......but it turned out OK in the end.

Wed 24: Club closed.
Wed 31: Club closed.

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